I’m an attorney, an overlander, and a potter.  And yes, all three are an important part of the journey and impact the final piece of art.  321 Pottery is proof that it is possible to combine your love of work, travel, and art and begin a journey that takes you to better places than you ever imagined.

Attorney: We doubt you came to this site to read any legalese so here’s the short and sweet version – I’m a practicing trademark and copyright attorney who has worked in house, as partner at a law firm, and in my own practice. My 1970 VW Bus was my office at one point – a built in desk in the back and the Pacific Ocean as my view.  Specializing in trademark and copyright law for 16 years has helped prepare me for this world of pottery.  It takes strategy, vision, and intentional work to achieve any goal – I just have different materials to work with in each role.

Overlander: What is overlanding? For me, it is self-reliant, long-distance traveling where the journey is the principal goal. Whether alone, with my family or with friends, I’ve taken long trips throughout the U.S. and Mexico where off-roading was a thrill and having everything we need in the vehicle is the plan.  I even built a “kitchen” on the back of my 1997 LandCruiser to house a generator, microwave, and toaster oven to cook for my family as we journey together. It combines my love of nature, travel, cars, photography, time with family/friends, and adventure all in one amazing package.

And a Potter: The whole reason you’ve decided to stop by in the first place!  But I share the other details as people always want to know how I got into pottery and where I get my ideas.  What I’ve learned, seen, experienced, and enjoyed as a lawyer and road warrior impacts my overall approach to pottery from my style to process to business. I mix my own clay and glazes from scratch, which allows me to be involved in all facets of creating a beautiful piece of hand made pottery.  My focus is functional, production pottery inspired by a mix of western landscapes, nature, modern architecture, and industrial design. These influences are revealed in the style, shape, surface decoration, and color of my work. One of my current favorite pieces was inspired by a takeout box from my favorite restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming! Who knew a delicious meal in front of the TV could bring about a beautiful piece of art?

Whether it’s law, overlanding, or pottery - I am often taking something muddy and messy and striving to create a great result.  

321 Pottery is a culmination of different careers, joys, and travels that make the journey all the more interesting.  Our journey is still in progress.  It’s time to begin your own countdown to starting something adventurous.  3..2..1..Where will you go?